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The Rhythm of Expression

INOLA OJÉN is a luxury brand inspired by the founder's inability to find a variety of shoes and styles in her extended size. She believes shoes must be fashionable, stylish, practical, functional, and at the same time feel comfortable and luxurious. Every woman deserves shoes that compliment her style or mood, and in her size too.

The INOLA OJÉN woman cherishes support for her feet. She believes shoes must serve the owner well, be durable and classic with the occasional special accoutrement, material and accessories to stand out in a crowd. She is not afraid to reveal her inner sexuality on her feet. She believes a woman's beauty and confidence in her shoes is a projection of true empowerment.

The Signature talking drum heel was created as a symbol of and rhythm of personal expression. The talking drum is a communication device common to many tribes across West Africa.

It uses the rhythms and intonations of spoken words to convey messages. That is what we hope our shoes give anyone who wears them.

'If the rhythm of the drum beat changes, the dance step must adapt'



Our shoes are lovingly and impeccably made in a family owned factory in Italy. The age old traditions have been passed down from generation to generation.